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PSEG Long Island - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

PSEG Long Island offers a variety of incentives for its non-residential customers to increase the energy efficiency of facilities through the Commercial Efficiency Program. Major renovations of existing buildings and new construction projects are both eligible for this program, with new construction incentives being slightly reduced compared to existing building incentives. There are several paths … Continued

Is your rooftop heating-air conditioning system operating correctly?

Is your rooftop heating-air conditioning system operating correctly? Our client complaint of no heat. Upon visual inspection, it was discovered that the gas fire heat exchanger was cracked. A new heat exchanger was installed and the entire heating portion of the unit was checked, tested, and started for proper operation. Upon completion of the service … Continued

Keeping Our Customers Warm Under the Coldest Conditions

At , we value our customer’s comfort. Without heat, they can not operate their businesses. This photo reflects a three day turn around of three Carrier twenty-year-old packaged heating and cooling rooftops that were replaced with three new high-efficiency Carrier heating and cooling rooftop. The project was completed in one day allowing our customer to … Continued

Get Smart(er)

Traditionally, predicting how an organization’s operating costs will change week to week or even month to month has been difficult because of a variety of fluctuating factors. While recent periods of low wage growth and stable energy costs have helped to ease the management burden, these trends aren’t likely to last forever. Thus, as we … Continued

What's the difference between a GOOD repair and a BAD one?

A good repair replaces defective parts using factory equivalents and doesn’t change the electrical or mechanical design of a machine. A bad repair replaces defective parts with whatever is cheapest. Bypasses safeties like pressure controls. Re-arranges factory wiring and refrigeration piping either for the sake of speed or because of an inability to properly diagnosis … Continued

A Simplified Explanation for the Refrigeration Cycle

First, take a gas, let that gas expand, it gets cold because that’s what gases do when you let them expand. Now add heat from inside to the cold gas and move the gas outside. Once outside compress the gas, it gets hot because that’s what gases do when you compress them. Remove the heat … Continued

What Are Indicators for Good or Bad Indoor Air Quality?

Depending upon the indoor air quality observations, indicators can be physical, chemical, biological, and ecological. Tampa, FL — In recent years, the science of indoor air quality (IAQ) has grown a hundred-fold. The findings of this science have been successfully applied to address issues related to hygiene and health in day-to-day life. Air is an … Continued

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