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Long Island Commercial HVAC Services

Welcome to Luxaire HVAC Services, located in Baldwin, New York. We have been serving our customers with same day service calls for over 20 years. Our college educated and factory trained technicians diagnose breakdowns properly and make repairs right the first time. We perform flawless installations and all of our work is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials. We offer preventative maintenance service agreements and methodically carry out the work, reducing breakdowns, repair costs and extending the life of your equipment.

Long Island Commercial HVAC Services

Luxaire HVAC Services is comprehensive, competent & competitive and serves the New York area with the most reliable HVAC systems. Our clients are able to maintain comfortable and productive workplaces in a hassle-free, cost-effective manner with our many ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems.

Commercial HVAC for Any Business, Scale or Budget

LUXAIRE HVAC serves a very diverse group of clients. Each client has unique needs and requirements and each benefits from our ability to deliver the most suitable HVAC system. Having worked with all types of businesses, LUXAIRE HVAC has perfected its ability to exceed the expectations of any client. No HVAC job is too big for our capabilities or too small for our time. Call us now to get an estimate.

  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Superior Technical Service
  • Thorough Preventive Maintenance
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Swift Response & Quick Turn-Around
  • Competitive Pricing

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